GERDA – Geochemical Research and Documentation Assistant – is an automated table sampler for portable and handheld analytical instruments such as pXRF, NIR spectrometers, magnetometers, etc.

The GERDA can be used for:

  • assaying drill core right in core boxes;
  • assaying stream sediment / soil samples in field bags;
  • assaying RAB, RC drilling chip samples;
  • determination of gold mineralization in crushed rock/drill core samples utilising NEFFA method;
  • assaying any 2D flat objects like paintings and etc..
  • remote control via VPN.
Drill core assay
Soil samples at GERDA with Olympus Vanta

GERDA with Bruker Tracer
GERDA with SciAps X550
GERDA + NIR spectrometer Spectral Evolution oreXpress

The GERDA includes:

The GERDA can be equipped with:


  • developed and designed the GERDA;
  • produces and sells GERDA units;
  • installs units on customer’s site;
  • trains customer’s personnel;
  • provides full technical support and warranty.

The GERDA has been successfully integrated into Information Geological Exploration system AGR 4.0

The GERDA in Olympus’ official BLOG

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