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“I reviewed the Multi-Element Fine Fraction Analysis (MEFFA) methodology and was impressed at the obvious applicability to Finland and other countries. The exploration industry needs quick, cheap and robust sampling methodologies and I firmly feel that this concept could prove highly productive in the search for new mineral deposits”

James Coppard, CGeol, EurGeol, Managing Director, Sakumpu Exploration Oy, 30.11.2015

“Labtium has analysed pilot samples in the Kuopio laboratory using both the traditional and the developed MEFFA method. The results have been promising in the development of a fast, inexpensive and environmentally friendly method for geochemical mapping, so Labtium is eager to participate in the further work of the project and to carry out research-related chemical analysis in its laboratory.”

Lea Hämäläinen, Business Director, Labtium Oy, Kuopio, 30.11.2015

«Мы протестировали метод MEFFA в Армении в сентябре 2017 года в рамках поисковых работ и определенно можем сказать – он работает. Мы сравнили результаты MEFFA с результатами традиционного анализа Aqua-regia + ICP-MS, полученные по 80 образцам из контрольного профиля, и получили их идеальную пространственную корреляцию. Метод MEFFA оказался действительно быстрым, надежным и недорогим методом поисковых работ ранних стадий, и в будущем мы планируем применить его и в других проектах Полиметалла.”

Тамара Головина, Начальник Управления технологий геологоразведочных работ, АО «Полиметалл УК», Россия, 26.01.2018

 “The results of this initial trial of a new soil sampling approach with MEFFA are very encouraging.  We are also very pleased to have discovered new and compelling targets along trend from the original discovery site at the Tombreen prospect. The data is better than what we have had to work with in the past: it is higher resolution and demonstrates strongly coherent anomalies as well as confirming the presence of significant concentrations of gold in soil.  Additionally, the XRF data gathered on a suite of elements will have a major impact on our understanding of the mineralisation model.

Patrick Cullen, Chief Executive Officer of Arkle Resources Plc, June 2019

В результате опытно-методических работ было установлено, что метода MEFFA, при поисках золота по вторичным ореолам, отличается хорошей контрастностью и отлично воспроизводится спектрозолотометрией. Метод простой и надежный, с уверенностью рекомендуем его для широко применения.”

В.А. Макаров, Зав. кафедрой Геологии месторождений и методики разведки Сибирского федерального университета,  д.г.- м.н., профессор

After doing an in-house trial study we have now used the MEFFA soil sampling method together with the GERDA unit for two seasons at the Barsele Gold and VMS project in northern Sweden. We are very pleased with the speed, cost, quality and resolution of the results obtained. It is a great exploration tool to have in the toolbox during early exploration stage when one quickly want to evaluate big or small areas for their potential to host base metal or gold mineralizations.

Kåre Höglund, Project Manager Exploration Sweden, Agnico Eagle 13.12.2021