MEFFA video presentation

Benefits of MEFFA

  • High-productive
    Field sampling averaging 300 samples a day taken by one field pair. Sample Preparation – about 200 samples in an 8-hour shift by two lab technicians. Assaying – up to 400 samples/day in an 8-hour shift by one lab technician).
  • Cost-effective
    Cost of gold analysis at least two times cheaper than traditional analytical methods.
  • High-sensitive
    Hight sensitivity due to direct analysis of the material – no leaching, no solutions are involved in the sample preparation.
  • Much smaller samples
    Easier sample collection and transportation.
  • Environmental-friendly and safe
    No acids or any chemicals involved in sample preparation.
  • Does not need special facilities for sample preparation

For more information please download MEFFA presentation in PDF  :

MEFFA – based sampling methodology was invented and developed in Finland by Mineral Exploration Network (Finland) Ltd.   All intellectual rights of MEFFA belong to MEN (Finland) Ltd. EU patent pending/  Patent RF № 2651353.